Bakery Daily Menu

Warm Chocolate Brioche
A chocolately start to the day.  Served with extra nutella.

Toasted Teacakes
Large toasted teacake served with butter & jam. 


Smoked Bacon Muffin
A Bakery favourite, lightly toasted muffin piled with rashers of smoked bacon and grilled tomato served with a dressed salad garnish.

Scrambled Eggs & Smoked Salmon Muffin
Toasted muffin wrapped in smoked salmon and filled with scrambled free-range eggs served with a dressed salad garnish.

Scrambled Eggs & Smoked Bacon Muffin
Toasted muffin topped with smoked bacon & free-range scrambled eggs served with a dressed salad garnish.


We offer daily Bakery Specials details of which can be found on the blackboards. 

Home-Made Soup
A large bowl of hearty home-made soup served with a warm ciabatta  roll & butter.

Ploughman’s Lunch (V)
A substantial lunch consisting of a selection of cheeses (mature cheddar, stilton & brie), hunks of warm granary bread & butter, apple wedges, walnuts & celery sticks.  Served with a home-made chutney.

Mediterranean Platter (v)
A Mediterranean ploughman’s lunch consisting of hoummus, vegetable crudités, chargrilled peppers, tomato & feta cubes, marinated olives & pitta bread.  Good for sharing as a starter.

Bakery Frittata  (v – ensure you tell us it is without ham)
An Italian style flat ommelette, made with honey roast ham, sauté mushrooms, peppers, red onion & new potatoes with fresh herbs tossed in double cream covered with mature cheddar & grilled.

Croque Monsieur
An Old Bakery Style toasted sandwich made with cream cheese, mature cheddar, ham & tomato filling.  Served with a dressed mixed leaf salad.

Croque Madame
As above but topped with two free range fried eggs.

Bacon & Eggs
Free range eggs with four rashers of locally smoked bacon, served with buttered toast.

Brunch Grill
Grilled locally smoked bacon, Lincolnshire sausage, grilled tomato with two fried eggs, sautéed mushrooms & buttered toast.

Old Bakery Bruschetta (v)
Marinade of tomatoes, onions, black olives, peppers, garlic & herbs with a sprinkling of mature cheddar on toasted ciabatta breads, served with dressed mixed salad leaves.

Roast Pepper Bruschetta  (v)
Grilled ciabatta roll topped with roasted sweet peppers marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and fresh basil.  Finished off under the grill with melted brie.  Served on a bed of dressed mixed leaf salad.

Smoked Salmon Brioche
Warm brioche with mascarpone cheese & smoked salmon, served with dressed salad garnish.

Soft Cod Roes
Served with lemon & cracked black pepper on toasted brown bread with dressed salad garnish.

Sardines on Toast
Served in the old fashioned way, sardines in tomato sauce on toasted brown bread served with a dressed salad.

Croute Aux Champignons
Sautéed mushrooms on toast with grilled smoked bacon served with a dressed salad.

Sandwich Platter
Choose from either ham & cheese, cheese & home made-chutney, smoked salmon, red salmon, tuna or egg & tomato all served with a dressed salad.


Goats Cheese Salad  (v)
Grilled goats cheese served on a bed of spinach leaves, tomato & red onion with croutons dressed in a French vinaigrette. 

Crispy Potato Salad (v – ensure you tell us it is without bacon)
Warm new potatoes & crispy smoked bacon salad dressed with a crumbly stilton vinaigrette.

Roast Ham Salad
Thick slices of roasted ham, with boiled egg, mayonnaise & dressed loose leaf salad with bread & butter.

Greek Salad(v)
Mixed leaf salad with cucumber, tomato, black olives, red onions, oregano  & feta cheese.  Dressed in extra virgin olive oil.