Featured as one of Nottinghamshire's Most Haunted Buildings in the Richard Felix publication (2008)


(reproduced courtesy of the Derbyshire Paranormal Forum)

"On Tuesday 25 March 2008 we traveled to the old town of Newark in Nottinghamshire where we asked to visit a small restaurant, called the Old Bakery Tea Rooms. Not many records exist of this building but we do know that it dates back to the 15th century. It has been reported that the ghost of a little girl has been heard here. We arrived at about 9.45pm and we met an Italian man, called Roberto, who owns the tea rooms. The investigators on the night were myself, Sharon, our historian and Brent, our Location Manager. Roberto took us on a tour of the nice but quaint building and after having a cup of tea and a talk of ghosts in general we began our investigation. The tea rooms was small, and consisted of an downstairs floor with a kitchen next door and an upstairs floor. We began by taking EMF and temperature readings but these proved normal throughout the night. We started the main investigation upstairs. I then set up a night vision camcorder, a Digital Voice Recorder and Brent took the Ultra Sonic Detector. We switched off the lights and I began by asking out responsive questions to see if we could get the alleged spirit to communicate using a series of two knocks for yes and once for no. unfortunately, we had no responses at all during the vigils, upstairs and no audibles and object movements occurred. We went downstairs with the equipment and tried the same experiment. After a while of persistent asking out, we heard distinctly two raps in response to a question, but unfortunately no other intelligent raps were heard for the duration of the investigation. At one point we heard some cutlery move (knives, forks or spoons). But nothing else occurred in the investigation.

As a Parapsychologist I have to be sceptical regarding the Old Bakery Tea Rooms being haunted as no objective visual phenomena occurred and no audibles were heard. The two distinct raps we heard although it sounded intelligent in regards to a question being asked, I have to put it down to either coincidence and may have had some other external source such as the wood in the buildings contracting and expanding as no other alleged intelligent spirit communication took place. The cutlery incidence I can put it down to them having just slipped over one another as they were all in a tray by the side of a table. But all in all a fascinating investigation with nice hospitality."